Updated: December 08, 2016

  • We know all those nasty germs we warned you about are a little frightening, so cut your risk of food-related illness by 25% and follow these . [My Home Ideas]

  • An estimated 17.6 million Americans have problems with alcohol, and as many as one-third are women. Yet American culture seems to deny, hide, and ignore . [USA Today]

  • The phrase wine pairing usually means one thing: expensive. Not anymore. These and they go perfectly with the cheap eats already in your kitchen. [Lemondrop]

  • Our brains can play some funny tricks on us. But perhaps one of the most bizarre cases is a German woman who suffered a . [LiveScience]

  • Chances are, you’re not getting enough calcium. The mineral is most famous for its bone-strengthening properties, but it can also help your heart and whittle your waistline. Check out these other reasons . [Real Simple]

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